Saturday, April 25, 2009

Springvale Shopping Centre Congestion must be fixed!!

How long can Dandenong council close its eyes to this problem? The lack of parking spots is causing major congestion to this area, and on top of this the whole area needs some more traffic regulation in terms of traffic lights to allow traffic to flow better.

What are your thoughts? Here are a couple of things I'm suggesting.

1) Ban parking on the North end of Buckingham Avenue between Queen and Balmoral avenue. This avenue is supposed to be a throughfare for traffic turning right onto springvale rd from lightwood rd. But gets clogged up too easily by people waiting to park, or people attempting to park/leaving. A set of traffic lights also needs to be added to the Queens Avenue/Buckhingham Avenue intersection.

2) Rezone land surrounding springvale shopping centre to be mixed residential/commercial. This will hopefully entice developers to start buying properties surrounding the springvale shopping area, and hence develop a propoer parking solution. A whole block of land needs to be bought, and underground parking included as an integrated solution.

3) Redevelop springvale station to be closer to the market. It probably needs to be shifted to be west of springvale rd, and placed underground. With a development connecting Newcomen Rd and Queens Avenue. This will also help solve the congestion problems on this end of springvale rd.

4) Start building a multistorey car park in the exising single level car parking area on buckingham avenue.

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