Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Melbourne Public Holiday Campaign

Public holidays are essential occasions that help us renew, reconnect and reinvigorate to better participate in the work force. Aside from the established holidays like Christmas, Easter, Aus Day and Anzac day, we need to perhaps shift the Queens Birthday or add an extra holiday between the Queens Birthday and Melbourne Cup. Four long months without a decent break really takes it out of you.

So what should this new Public Holiday commemorate? What day should it be? Let me know.


Ash said...

Good question!

I dislike how most public holidays are not actually spawned from events that brought about anything beneficial for the public.

For starters - all these pro-Christian holidays? Seriously - has everyone forgotten what this religion has done over the past couple of thousand years? From the Crusades to the War on Terror ... Christianity has proven itself to be a fairly arrogant religion capable of much destruction. Why force a population to celebrate their holidays?

I say we bring back the good ol' pagan holidays. Although the industrialisation of developed nations has caused the seasons to become confused and somewhat disorientated - I think we need to return to celebrating that which keeps us alive: the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, Water, Fire, Plants/vegetables, Animals and Each Other.

So in answer to your question: every full moon should be a public holiday - so we can recover from the crazy nights we have; and to prepare for the month ahead.

JJ said...

Good insights, especially with regard to Christian dominated holidays and our need to control things.

Firstly, perhaps they should abolish public holidays and add 10 days to everyones annual leave? This will allow people to pick and choose which days are relevant to them.

Going back to nature is another excellent suggestion. Holidays are a great time to bring ourselves back to equilibrium. When humans try to control every aspect of thier lives, or try to do too much in limited amounts of time, we tend to overexert ourselves. We need to recognise our limitations, and take a break!

That being said, can us Melburnians/Victorians, reserve at least 1 day that has meaning, and that we can call our own? (Besides Melbourne Cup Day). Creativity Day?