Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LoveJumper, No Heater Campaign.

As we enter the transition period from summer into winter, now is a great time to think about our habits towards getting warm! Can we do without that electric heater (which is a potential fire hazard)? Can we do without ducted heating (which causes us to have dry sore throats in the morning). Here are a few essentials to get you past the coming winter.

1) Thermals! Long johns, undergarments and socks. As healthy human beings we generate 37 degrees, just to stay alive. Let's insulate our bodies, and use this free heat to keep us warm.

2) Hot water bottles. Cheap and effective.

3) Ugg boots. These were the must have item in the US last winter! Let's bring this fashion back home..

4) Better blankets. Blankets with better insulating properties. Crack out the camping gear, and the sleeping bag rated to work to -5 deg!!

5) Insulating our homes. Walls and windows are the greatest culprits. If renovating your home, better insulation should be one of your first ports of call to save on cooling and heating. Rudd's new insulation scheme should help out. Get more info here: http://www.environment.gov.au/energyefficiency/insulation-homeowner.html
Windows, is a much easier to tackle. A cheap fix is to get some velcro and tape an old disused down blanket onto the window. Pillows will also do, but they are less effective.

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