Sunday, September 6, 2009

Doyle's lack of consultation is dissapointing

Is anybody else annoyed that the New Year's Eve fireworks display is being moved to Birrang Marr? The first I heard of this proposal was after the decision was made to go ahead with it. For such a significant change, surely this proposal should have been floated and debated publicly before a decision was made behind closed doors?As a proud Melburnian, I like to think we have an input it what shapes our city. What's next, moving Moomba to docklands ?

This seems to be endemic of the current Lord Mayor. Doyle seems like a good bloke, he gets ideas out there to be debated, but his failure on several key issues including the Melbourne City logo is damning against him and his team.

Message to Doyle and team. Consult us more. Get us involved.

Now, to the actual proposal. I think it has merit. The Commonwealth games showed that using our skyline as a backdrop to fireworks can have good results. I'm willing to give it a go, but would like the option to go back to Princess bridge and Flinder st, if the results are something to be desired.

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