Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do icecream vans add to the liveability of melbourne suburbs?

I'm sure many of us have fond memories growing up of the icecream van coming by, the sweet musical lyrics drawing us out of our homes in summer to get a soft serve cone, or gelati. These days this icecream van tune seems all but a distant memory with only a few ageing vendors still in the business. Can something be done about this?

As a community, we should come together and stick up for the things that make life fun. We talk about sustainability, and protecting our children's future. That's all good and well, but let's not forget that finer details too. Things like icecream vans and milk bars. These also need be protected.

How can this be done? Should councils consider employing an icecream van driver in the summer months with any profits being put back into the community? Would this be better served by a local IGA sponsoring an icecream truck? The increased buying power of local councils or a supermarket like IGA could ensure a quality product being onsold to our kids. It would be shame if these icecream vans just peddled the mass manufactured stuff we get from nestle or streets.

The livability of a city is composed of thousands of different elements. Do you think icecream vans are part of this web? Get a discussion happening with your local community group if you think it does.

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