Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time for Comedic Reality TV Show

The death of Australian Idol presents channel 10 with a golden opportunity to fill the void with a comedic idol of sorts. Based on the idol and masterchef format, contestants from around Australia would compete for the right to be Australia's comedic idol.

Similar to Australian idol there can be themes or topics for each week. Contestants would have to give a 5 minute comic rant, and be judged by 3 guest panelists. There can also be sms voting by the public.

As well as rants by contestants, there could be guest performances from comedians around australia and the world. There could also be "comedy classes" by skilled comedians.

A potential host could be Charlie Pickering, and it's suggested the show be screen after 8:30 so that "realistic" content can be showed.

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