Sunday, June 14, 2009

Answers to Resource Smart Quiz!

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Quiz can be taken here:

1) What temperature should you set your thermostat in winter?
Answer 18 -20 degrees C

Why? The lower the temperature the less energy used to heat your house. Less black balloons. Better for environment.

2) When buying an air conditioner you should look for models with:

Answer: a 4.5 Star energy rating.

Why? The higher the number of stars the more energy efficient.

3) What does one black balloon represent?

Answer: 50g of green house gas.

Blackballoons are way we can visualise our harm to the environment.

4) What percentage of materials are recovered for recycling or reused by Byteback drop off points?

Answer: 97%

Byteback dropoff points are places where you can drop off old computers. Lets get these things recycled rather than sending them to the tip.

5) How much longer do energy saving globes last than regular globes?

Answer: 8 times longer.

Yes, they are more expensive, but they pay for themselves in running cost and running life. Easy way to save energy.

6) Power sourced from renewable energy like the sun, wind, water and waste is called what?

Answer: green energy

Talk to your energy, water retailer for more info on how to source green energy. A few extra dollars can make a huge difference.

7) How many plastic checkout bags are used in Victoria every year?

Answer: Around 1 billion

Do we need a plastic bag for small non food items? Green bags are an alternative people.

8) What is one benefit of installing a solar hot water system?

Answer: You could save 75% of your water bill.

The actual amount varies depending on your location, but there is a defined pay back period, after which you can pocket yearly savings.

9) How many litres of water per person per day should we be using to help us preserve out water storage?

Answer: Target 155

4 minute showers. Wash clothes when washing machine is full. Dual flush toilets. water saving taps. That's how you can save.

10) How many litres does a single flush toilet use up?

Answer: 11

Renovating a home? Consider a dual flush toilet to save water!

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