Friday, May 1, 2009

Local considerations for Nunawading station upgrade

The premier recently announced the long overdue grade seperation of train tracks at springvale rd nunawading and relocation of nunawading station to the west of springvale rd. Apparently the grade seperation is due to finish 2010, but the station upgrade hopefully is still up in the air. Hopefully, some more thought into its design, especially feedback from the local community is considered before the station upgrade is implemented. (I don't want them to try to rush the implementation just to get some election kudos.)

Here's my top 3 considerations:

1) Passenger distribution. The station entrance is at the head for trains deperating towards Flinder st, and at the tail for trains from Belgrave to Lilydale. Will this be mirrored if they move the station west side? Or will the station entrance be placed in a different location. Designers need to condsider the impact on the distribution of passengers getting on a nunawading, and also downstream in stations like Blackburn and Box Hill. Overcrowding in certain carriages could be a potential fallout.

2) Shops and ammenities such as the milk bar, bakery will need to "moved" or replaced. It's a no brainer that car parking and bus stops must be replaced, but other amenities must be considered in the interest of passenger convenience. Obviously this must be co-ordinated with better links to the existing shops, the nearby community centre and the christian school closeby.

3) Redevelopment of the existing nunawading station and shops. With the tracks going under, it's a great opportunity to create a new block of land. A square or community area could be built, creating a new "Nunwading Central". The basis for this is obviously Box Hill.

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